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More than ever, our design workflow is multi-faceted, and our process of exploration allows us to

question the norm in an architectural project.

By using more technologically infused delivery methods that allow creative design solutions to ultimately be

constructed, we provide an attention to detail from concept to completion.

The construction industry has traditionally been slow to adapt to change, while advances in digital design

and delivery of buildings they have expanded the territory of the architect.

Workflows are a kind of hidden phenomenon in completed buildings. Buildings alone, especially

complex ones, cannot convey the collaborative activities and found opportunities our design teams

have developed in the service of construction execution.

When applied to a community, architectural workflows become inherently social.

Experimentation becomes fun!


GRO Architects is an award-winning architectural practice that privileges the integration of emerging technologies to respond to client needs, project complexity, and collaboration between disciplines. As architects we are intimately engaged in providing creative and sustainable design solutions for a broad array of project types and budgets. The virtual design and construction tools we use to realize our design proposals also allow us to bring to each project a more efficient and optimized construction process. Additionally, these tools have allowed us to operate in a highly efficient manner while maintaining low overhead and a staff of two licensed architects and four project designers. Through the conceptualization of how new digital protocols augment, challenge, and change the authorial process of design we create novel opportunities for our practice.


Tang Shan West Railway Station
Chelsea Townhouse
100 Tuers Avenue
Xiang He Railway Station
400 Linden Avenue
78 Storms Avenue
The Waterview
Nest Micro-Housing
253 Academy Street
Jersey City Global Charter School Annex
Gansevoort MTS
72 Reade Street
Greene Street
720 Bergen Avenue
Muslim Federation of NJ
479-481 Broadway
Jackson Green
Shen Qiu Urban Design
Williams-Chaio Residence
Zhangdu Lake Farm
Best Pedestrian Route
Docking Stations
South Tulane Street
Apt 66
402 Madison
804 Newark Avenue
3193 JFK
CNBM World Headquarters
Secret Life of Objects
Windsor Center
Cano Residence
In The Tube
Al-Tawheed Islamic Center
Berwick Residence
Thompson-White Residence
Envisioning Gateway
Wagner Residence


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