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253 Academy Street

Under Construction

Jersey City, NJ

253 Academy Street is GRO’s third micro-housing project, bringing 77 studio units and two larger apartments to a corner lot in the Journal Square section of Jersey City, adjacent to the Hudson Community College campus. The project’s average unit size is approximately 350 square feet. The project makes use of an existing basement from a previous structure and provides amenity spaces including two multifunction community rooms, bike storage, laundry, a gym, and tenant storage over the basement and ground floor levels. The ground floor is split to allow for raised units along Tuers Avenue. The project will be constructed in prefabricated modules as micro-housing lends itself particularly well to modular construction, with each residential studio being assembled as a stand-alone modular unit. Units along the Tuers Avenue façade employ storage areas which are cantilevered from the façade. In addition to providing additional storage space for the studios, the cantilevered masses cast a shadow over the fresh air intake locations of the building’s heating and cooling systems, minimizing their visual impact.

Renderings: Zeina Husayni

August 21, 2018