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479-481 Broadway

Under Construction

Bayonne, NJ

479-481 Broadway is a new 90,000 square foot, 8-story building being developed on one of the last remaining vacant sites on Broadway in Bayonne, New Jersey. The project proposes 7,800 square feet of ground floor retail on Broadway with 7 residential floors above for a total of 79 units. As a through-lot, the building also has the ambition of better activating Del Monte Drive, a previous service road behind Broadway. Del Monte will provide access to a basement parking level for 30 cars via elevator. The building façade, while contemporary, required us to draw from a six-story historic structure to the site’s south and established the building’s proportion. The exterior is conceived as a brick masonry facade with copper-colored metal accents at the windows, referencing the industrial character of Bayonne’s waterfront. The interior of the lobby continues this gesture towards the industrial language, using perforated metal curtains and super-graphic text to bring a playful feel to the building’s brand identity. The unit interiors celebrate Bayonne’s relationship to the waterfront, utilizing industrial-beach materials such as driftwood veneer cabinetry, and horizontal kerf-cuts to detail the doors.

The development process has been two-fold. First, a redevelopment plan was crafted for the site to allow for a building of the size and density proposed. Next, a planning board application was prepared to obtain a resolution for the specific design.

August 21, 2018