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78 Storms Avenue

Board Approval Received

Jersey City, NJ

78 Storms Avenue is a new six-story 35-unit condominium building located in the Bergen Hill neighborhood of Jersey City. The lot, formerly housing a one-story garage, is complex. As opposed to being a “mid-block” site, the lot is literally in the middle of the block, a wholly separate 140’ x 80’ plot connected to Storms Avenue only by a conventional 25’ x 100’ urban lot. The latter becomes a planted driveway providing access to the new building. The 35 dwelling units are comprised of 20 two-bedroom units, 10 one-bedroom units, and 5 studio apartments. The building contains a parking garage for 19 cars at grade as well as amenity spaces and both public and private patios and roof decks. A typical urban lot would focus primary views and glazing to the front and rear yards of a site, however, given this building’s peculiar orientation, primary views are to the side yards, where the building overlooks a community garden to the west and a garden maintained by a neighborhood church to the east. The strategy, which sets the primary building back some 110’ from the right-of-way conceals the height of the building, allowing it to better blend with the mixed character of the block, which includes single-family structures.

August 17, 2019