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Berwick Residence

Construction Completed

Jersey City, NJ

The project is an 500sf interior renovation to the dreary attic with tremendous poten¬tial in an existing Victorian house in Jer¬sey City. The project is conceived around a need to program the attic with a variety of programs including a sleeping space, new bathroom, and storage. These elements are located at the perimeter of the space in an L-shape which carves an open airy space at its center. Light from the perimeter of the at¬tic filters through the existing windows and through a series of sliding translucent honey¬comb panels of varied internal structure and color. The combination of different colored panels, with varied natural light produces a dynamic effect at the core of the attic space.

Photos: Fabian Birgfeld PhotoTECTONICS

October 15, 2017