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Gansevoort MTS

Feasibilty Study

New York, NY

The proposal is in response to the call for entries posed by the New York City Department of Sanitation in May 2010, challenging architectsand engineers to address the problem posed by the need to create a new recycling transfer facility and an educational outreachcenter in this increasingly desirable neighborhood for residential and high-end commercial and cultural use. Our scheme creates asynthesis between the logistical and functional requirements of such a facility with a nature preserve and an educational center wherethe business of material sorting creates a new public landscape at the perimeter of the city. Our design for the new Gansevoort RecyclingFacility seeks to minimize the impact that the processes and physical infrastructure of the station have on the visual, auditory,recreational and ecological environments in close proximity to the Gansevoort Peninsula. The grounds surrounding the dumping zoneson the upper level of the station will be mounded and planted, providing a visual and auditory buffer for the Hudson River Park whilecreating a natural nesting area for migratory birds.

August 27, 2017