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Greene Street

Construction Completed

Jersey City, NJ

The project involved the complete renovation to this existing 1,400sf apartment located in a former warehouse on the waterfront in Jersey City. Originally conceived in the late 1970’s, the project called for an opening up of the compartmentalized spaces into a more open spatial experience. We removed the wall separating the kitchen from the main living room, anchoring the organic geometry of the island on the central column that could not be moved. In the master bedroom we revealed a large masonry chimney that has been concealed behind sheetrock, cladding it in mosaic steel tile that reflects and amplifies the natural light throughout the space. The master bedroom suite was entirely reconfigured to maximize storage and take advantage of a long narrow space that we transformed into a luxurious shower and soaking tub dramatically tiled through in blue mosaic glass tile.

Photos: Ben Bloom

August 21, 2018