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Jackson Green

Construction Completed

Jersey City, NJ

Jackson Green is a 22-unit development of substantial plots of vacant land in Jersey City’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hub district. The project is a joint venture between the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency and TRF Development Partners, a Philadelphia-based not-for-profit developer, and serves as a model for future development efforts of the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency. GRO was asked to envision a series of ground up townhouses that would demonstrate the city’s commitment to dense, but sustainable urban development just outside of Manhattan. Each of the 22 units contain 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms over 3 floors,with amenities such as double height living spaces and outdoor spaces on at the rear of the second floor and on the roof. Given the unique jog in plan of Rose Avenue, the street that bi-sects the project, a level of variation is introduced into each unit, culminating with an eight-foot cantilever in the mid-block units on the western side of Rose Avenue. Units are designed to be of modular wood construction. GRO has worked seamlessly with the modular fabricator to ensure the proper integration of all building systems while delivering modular units of high design quality. The project was designed with specific site and climate information so as to passively respond to its environs. Sustainable features of the project include a solar hot water system for each unit as well as a cable trellis system which supports the growth climbing plants and helps to visually express to the community the project’s commitment to sustainable living.

August 28, 2017