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Nest Micro-Housing

Under Construction

Jersey City, NJ

Located in the Journal Square neighborhood of Jersey City, Academy Micro-Housing is a new 38,000sf residential building comprising 122 micro-unit apartments, offering an alternative for young professionals seeking privacy, modern amenities, and economy. Designed to promote a sustainable urban living agenda, the building design maximizes density with units approximately 220sf in size. Automobile parking is replaced with bike parking for each unit, thereby promoting the use of nearby public transportation and an overall sustainable living agenda for residents of the building. The extremely small size of the unit interior is complemented by large common amenity spaces including a lounge, cafe, and laundry room on the ground floor, gym and a roof deck with views of Manhattan. The units themselves are custom designed to be highly efficient and flexible as a 24-hour life cycle is considered for the dwelling, allowing for living/dining and sleeping configurations, and multiple variations in between. Unique to the design is the organization of the unit into a wet zone and dry zone; entry into the unit is into the wet zone in which we have located a decentralized bathroom with separately enclosed shower and toilet room. The kitchen mediates between the wet zone and dry zone which comprises a desk, fold-down murphy style bed and coffee table that fits neatly below. The design of the shell and core is conceived as an entirely precast concrete solution, using insulated panels and integrated precast window boxes to streamline the fabrication and assembly process while minimizing wall thickness to ensure the interior unit dimensions can be maintained.

September 2, 2017