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South Tulane Street

Construction Completed

Princeton, NJ

Centrally located in the thriving pedestrian environment of downtown Princeton, just steps from the campus gates, South Tulane Street is an ideal location for retailers. However, while physical proximity to the central area attracts numerous visitors, its visibility is compromised by a limited view of the building from Nassau Street. In order to augment its presence and add value for the owner, we sought to design a renovation to the facade to address the asymmetry of the site, giving primacy to the view from Nassau Street. We achieved this objective in three distinct ways: formally by lifting the corner of the building‘s parapet wall enlarging its appearance, materially by wrapping the sparkling stone facade around the corner made visible by an adjacent alleyway, and graphically by orienting the awning and retail signage towards Nassau Street. The windows at the second floor project at an angle in the direction of visitors who will be approaching the building from the parking garage to the north.

Photos: Fabian Birgfeld PHOTOtectonics

October 15, 2017