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Tang Shan West Railway Station

Preliminary Design

Tang Shan, Hebei Province, China

GRO designed, in collaboration with the Beijing General Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute (BMEDI), a new 11,200 square meter high-speed rail station for Tang Shen, a large, industrial prefecture-level city in northeastern Hebei Province. The city has a population of 7.54 million. The station is conceived as a long and low bar typology with has 180 meters of frontage that connects a large public plaza accommodating bus loading and drop-off as well as taxi stands. The station canopy is supported by a field of steel columns that contort to form four diagonal beams which support a folded roof and allow for a column-free waiting area. The roof surface continues inside the building enforcing the formal organization allowed by the stations’ structure. The building’s exterior is a combination of poured-in-place concrete and large glass panels. Office spaces are programmed on the second floor. The railway platform is elevated 7 meters, with access occurring at grade, travelers taking outdoor escalators up to the platform level. A connection to the local subway is also provided.

August 17, 2019