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Wagner Residence

Construction Completed

Jersey City, NJ

This project was for the interior renovation of an existing mas¬ter bedroom suite in an existing Victorian home in Jersey City. In addition to renovating an existing guest bathroom to bring a sense of light and air to the space, we focused on the design of a luxurious and modern master bathroom. A custom cast con¬crete sink serves as the focal point for the bathroom, its bru¬tal materiality contrasting with the gradient glass tile mosaic that defines the shower area. The overall feel of the space is open, a sense created by the use of clear glass panels between the shower and soaking bathtub, as well as a transom window that brings light from the master bathroom into the adjacent guest bathroom. This transom window establishes a line that is continued with the tile and the articulation of the mirror.

Photos: Fabian Birgfeld PhotoTECTONICS

October 15, 2017