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Windsor Center

Construction Completed

East Windsor, NJ

Located just outside of Princeton, Windsor Center is an existing 70,000sf one-story office building constructed in the mid 1980s for which we have been engaged by the new owner to provide design services for exterior upgrades and interior office fit-outs for new tenants. Thus far we have designed interiors for four tenants in the building, ranging in size from 3,500sf to 16,000sf of office space.

In each space we have looked to introduce more light and air into what was low dropped ceilings, and relatively dark interiors. By removing the existing dropped 8’ ceiling to take advantage of the additional 4’ above, specifying new exposed duct work and energy efficient linear pendant lights. An essential part of our work on the project was to establish design guidelines for tenants which includes sustainable architectural finish selections at three price levels for all materials including carpet, tile flooring, moldings, paints, cabinetry and hardware. These design guidelines seek to provide options for tenants while establishing and maintaining the new brand identity of the building.

Our work at Windsor Center has also included upgrades to the exterior, including a new entrance vestibule and a new color scheme for the entire building which had become dated. A painted mural design for the main entrance introduces a sense of movement on the facade by layering a series of skewed grey tones, creating a subtle dynamic effect.

October 15, 2017